Saturday, January 3, 2009

[Mish Economic Analysis] Wave 4 Theory Intact as Market Shrugs off Bad News

Mish describes the charts behind the "Elliott Wave 4 Theory" and then lists snippets of the "Bad Economic News" against which the Market is rallying - Wave 4 Theory Intact as Market Shrugs off Bad News

[Stock Trading to Go] 20 Personal Finance Tips for 2009

Stock Trading to Go encourages you to take control of your personal finances in 2009 and starts you off with 20 quick tips while providing links to other resources. 20 Personal Finance Tips for 2009.

[Trader Feed] Best of Trader Feed 2007

Dr. Brett Steenbarger lists the top posts from his Trader Feed blog in 2007 in two volumes: Best of 2007 Volume 1 and Best of 2007 Volume 2.

[Stock Masters] No where to go but Up in 2009?

The provides an overview of the current markets and details earnings expectations, volatility considerations, and poses other questions to ponder in the post "No Where to Go but Up in 2009?"

[Chris Perruna] Top Articles for the New Year

Respected blogger Chris Perruna details his top twenty posts to kick off the New Year. Top Articles of the New Year.

[World Beta] Five Ideas for 2009

In keeping with the "What's recommended in 2009" theme, the author provides five themes or ideas to consider as we enter the new year. Five Ideas for 2009.

[Zignals Blog] Stocks for 2009

The Zignals blog lists predictions for stocks to buy in 2009 from a variety of financial analysts and gurus. See which names are on most: Stocks for 2009.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Welcome to the Newsflashr Business Blog - Editor's Picks! My name is Corey Rosenbloom, author of the Afraid to blog, and founder Gal Arav has asked me to wade through all the great content that is contained from the many financial blogs located at Newsflashr's Business Blog section and save you time by pulling the best of the best blog posts for the week.

It will be my goal to call your attention to the top posts each week that feature informative, creative, useful, interesting or perhaps humorous financial content that I feel you would find the most benefit from reading.

The links will be featured on the Business Blog section for easy reference. I will only be able to feature one article per site per week, and I will be posting them based on site rank as determined by Newsflashr's ranking system - they will be formatted to integrate into the Newsflashr site.

Feel free to contact me to suggest an outstanding post for consideration.