Sunday, June 28, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Embrace Deflation - It is the Answer

From Mish at Global Economic Analysis, a discussion on why "Deflation is the Cure" including various links and quotes.

[Trader Feed] Gaining a Feel for Market Immersion

Dr. Steenbarger at Trader Feed shares with us a post "Gaining a Feel for Market Immersion by Historical Trading Patterns" which discusses preparation for the trading day and observing many patterns.

[Dash of Insight] A Crib Sheet for Government Data

A Dash of Insight shares a 'crib sheet' for interpreting Government Data along with a readers guide and links.

[World Beta] Combining Rotation and Timing Systems

World Beta takes a look at "Combining Rotation and Timing Systems" in terms of developing an investment strategy. They describe their approach and answer top questions from readers.

[Wall St Nation] Inflation Rates in 77 Countries

Want to know where the US stands in terms of inflation year over year as compared to other countries? Wall Street Nation has the answer. Venezuela has the highest rate at 27%.

[Precious Metal Investment] Gold Drops - Is This the Summer Doldrums?

Precious Metal Investment asks the question "With Gold's Drop to $929, is this just the beginning of the Summer Doldrums?" or something worse.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Largest Stock Buybacks for 2009

The Dividend Growth Investor lists the "Largest Stock Buybacks for 2009" in a list and then explanatory post.

[News to Use] The Case Against Inflation

I try to be open to all market views - here's the "Case Against Inflation" as presented by the News to Use Site.