Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[Big Picture] Word Cloud and Stimulus Plan Map

Barry Ritholtz provides two quick image posts that show us the "Word Cloud Map" of Secretary Geithner's speech and then links to an image of the Economic Stimulus Plan Mapped Out.

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Insanity Prevails

Mish discusses the recent government activity and provides his comments in two recent posts: Insanity Prevails (regarding the Bail-out) and Bernanke - So Far So Good (on Credit Moves).

[Trader Feed] Identifying Breakouts from Ranges

Dr. Steenbarger shares with us his analysis and tips on how to identify and trade Range Breakouts. Breakouts from Trading Ranges

[Investment Postcards] Dr Doom and the Black Swan

Investment Postcards shares with us a video that has Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb discussing how to predict financial crises - very interesting. Dr. Doom and the Black Swan

[Quantifiable Edges] Importance of Positioning in Analysis

Rob Hanna shares with us some insights from his research that describes why it's important to consider initial positioning when considering research/analysis: The Importance of Positioning in Analysis.

[Chris Perruna] Oil Double Long ETN (DXO)

Chris Perruna shares some insights and warnings about trading double-leveraged funds (and shares his recent experience): Oil Double Long ETN (DXO)

[Trader Gav] What do you Really Need to Learn About Trading?

Trader Gav, who has been working on automated trading systems, shares his thoughts on what we really need to know: "Learning to adjust your mindset, to accept the change, to really understand your battle field, with these, start to enhance or alter your strategies." What You Really Need to Learn....

[Dividend Growth Investor] Seven Notable Dividend Increases in the News

The Dividend Growth Investor shares with us seven companies that have raised their dividends recently, which might be worth a second glance. Seven Notable Dividend Increases in the News