Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Trader Feed] The Dynamics of Trading Success

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a few thoughts on the Dynamics of Trading Success for us.
In the post, he links to a prior helpful article entitled "What Makes an Expert?"

[Disciplined Investor] Economics to Know on Friday Morning

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor anticipates Friday's "Jobs Report" and what it means for the market (with a nice chart from Bloomberg).

In addition, he recently released a Podcast "Recovery... or Sugar High" where he interprets various charts and looks at key stocks for clues to this 'recovery.'

[Technical Take] Invester Sentiment Extremely Extreme

A chart from the Technical Take which shows a proprietary Sentiment Indicator which is registering an extreme bullish sentiment... complete with interpretation and graphs.

[Chris Perruna] All-Time Top 10 NASDAQ Daily New Highs

From Chris Perruna, an excellent comparison of the NASDAQ Top 10 Highs across various years, with data going back 30 years - a valuable resource post to bookmark for future reference.

In addition, Chris provides a current detailed snapshot of Market Breadth - also worth bookmarking.

[Precious Metal Investment] Conflicting Messages from Gold Charts

From Precious Metal Investment, they provide a perspective on what I'm finding to be true in my own analysis - that there are "Conflicting Messages from Gold Charts." Worth a quick read.

[Zen Trader] Checklist for Success

The Zen Trader offers us a quick "Checklist for Success" worth referencing.

[Tischendorf Letter] Steidlmayer on Markets - Quotes

The Tishendorf Letter provides some helpful quotes from Peter Steidlmayer (Market Profile) on the "Profile of a Successful Trader."

[Grindstone Financial] How Sustainable is the Current Economic Growth

Grindstone Financial asks "How Sustainable is the Current Financial Growth?" and makes comparisons to early 2000 with additional references.