Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Trader Feed] Trading Transitions and Uncovering Your Rules

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed had two excellent and resourceful posts I wanted to highlight this week: First, "Trading Transitions - Profiting from Reversals" and Second, "Uncovering Your Trading Rules."

[Fund My Mutual Fund] US Federal Budget in Pictures

If you ever wanted a pictorial representation of the US Federal Budget, Fund My Mutual Fund shows us two useful pie graphs of Expenses and Revenue.

[VIX and More] Bloggers on Volatility

Bill Luby of VIX and More shares a compilation of recent posts from other bloggers on the subject of Market Volatility which is certainly worth exploring.

[Darwin Finance] Leveraged ETF Symbol Chart

Darwin Finance shares a Table of Leveraged ETF Symbols for a reference.

[Quantifiable Edges] Distribution Days Quantified

If you ever wanted to know exactly how to define a 'Distribution Day,' look to Rob Hanna's recent post at Quantifiable Edges.

[Dash of Insight] Fun with Seasonality

From the Dash of Insight website, a look at Seasonality and Seasonal Tendencies in the Market.

[Jason Kelly] On Banking, Health Care, and Inflation

An ambitious piece by Jason Kelly as he tackles Banking, Health Care, and Inflation in a singular post.

[Technical Take] Treasury Yields - Someone will be Wrong

From the Technical Take, a look at long-term Treasury Yields and the warning "Someone Will be Wrong." A Quote: "Treasury yields have not moved higher; in other words, the Treasury market is not discounting the economic recovery. On the other hand, the stock market has roared ahead discounting the recovery (and then some). This divergence is noticeable, and it appears someone is going to be wrong."

[Zignals] Dow Theory Non-confirmation?

The Zignals Blog shares thoughts on a possible "Non-Confirmation in Dow Theory" signal here at current levels.