Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Trader Feed] Why Quiet Markets Reveal the Best Traders

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed highlighted "Why Quiet Markets Reveal the Best Traders." " It's the [traders]who adapt their tactics to market conditions that survive over the long haul."

[Darwin's Finance] Seven Year-End Tax Tips

From Darwin's Finance, a timely post (a week left!) on "Seven Year-End Tax Tips You Can't Miss."

[The Aleph Blog] Five Notes on the Current Market Situation

The Aleph Blog posts "Five Notes on the Current Market Situation" which proves quick insights to consider as we turn the corner into 2010.

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update: Health Care Legislation and Drug Stocks C

From a Dash of Insight, a commentary on Health Care Legislation and Drug Stocks, including charts of key stocks.

[Jeflin Investment Blog] Don't be Suckered By Stock Rally in 2010

From Jeflin Investment Blog, a post entitled "Don't be Suckered by Stock Market Rally in 2010" which concludes with the comment: "Keep an eye on the exit!"

[Zignals Blog] The S&P 500 Review Trading Signals

From the Zignals Blog, an overview of various time periods in the S&P 500 and performance of the index - concluding with quote:

"My favoured outcome for 2010 is perhaps one along the lines of 1971. A market which has seen huge outsize gains in one year is likely to follow with another where very little happens at all. 2010 will likely be a difficult year to trade, but hopefully it will be viewed more in the context of a psychological recovery rather than a material one."

[Emerging Index] International ETF Performance Graph for 2009

From Emerging Index, a chart/list of the International ETF Performance in 2009 (also serves as a reference/comparison for overseas ETF symbols).