Thursday, January 15, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Social Mood Will Define the Future

Mish lays out a case that argues how 'social mood' will help shape the future in terms of retirement, inflation, government intervention, etc. Social Mood Will Define the Future.

[Maoxian] List of Liquid Leveraged ETFs

Ever wanted a simple list of liquid leveraged ETFs for reference? Maxoian provides the 2x and 3x leveraged ETFs with monthly volumes averaging greater than 500,000 shares. List of Liquid Leveraged ETFs.

[Essentials of Trading] Choosing Day Trading

John Forman discusses reasons why people might choose day-trading as a strategy and some of the benefits and pitfalls of the choice. Choosing Day Trading.

[Stock Market Prognosticator] Nine Surprises for 2009

I wanted to provide a humorous link which also might get you thinking as to whether some of these things might come true! Nine Surprises for 2009

[Trader Gav] Thoughts from Trading Strategy Development

Trader Gav shares some of his experience and gives us questions we should be asking when developing a trading system. Thoughts from Trading Strategy Development.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Don't Chase High-Yielding Stocks Blindly

The Dividend Growth Investor reminds us in an informative article that high yields - especially in this environment - may be attractive, but you need to do additional research before jumping all in. "Don't Chase High-Yielding Stocks Blindly"

[Gaming the Market] Trader Spreadsheet Examples

Gaming the Market shares numerous examples of Spreadsheets including a Trading Record, Journal, Equity Curve and others available for download via Scribd. Trader Spreadsheet Examples.

[Technical Take] What is it Going to Take

The Technical Take asks "What's it going to take to find a bottom and the start of a new bull market?" The answer is "Time," but Guy Lerner digs a little deeper than a one-word answer. "What's it Going to Take?"