Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Bloggers] Trader Tax: A Call to Action

Numerous Bloggers this week have posted on the proposed and devastating "Trader Tax" Bill that's been introduced in Congress. Be aware of this and take action as you see fit. Here is a short list of bloggers who have written about this topic this week:

Tim Sykes - “Why Peter DeFazio’s Plan Stinks“.

Dr. Steenbarger: “Punishing the Wrong Group.”

Corey Rosenbloom: Trader Tax Bill and Petition

John Forman: Trader Tax Proposal in Congress

John Lee’s take at Seeking Alpha: “Trader Tax: A Bad Idea”

A Link to the Proposed Bill: "H.R. 1068"

A Link to the Online Petition

[Stock Trading to Go] 21 Reasons the Recession is Nearing the End

Take it for what it's worth, but Stock Trading to Go lists 21 Reasons the Recession might be coming to an end.

[Trader Feed] Recognizing Buying and Selling Pressure

Dr. Steenbarger shares some thoughts on how to recognize Supply and Demand - or buying and selling pressure - in the Stock Market (two posts): Recognize Buying Pressure and also Recognize Selling Pressure.

[Chris Perruna] Pareto Principle - 80-20 Rule

Chris Perruna shares insights and statistics on the "Pareto Principle," also known as the 80/20 Rule which is common in many facets of life. The Pareto Principle.

[Dash of Insight] Why Investors Cannot Rely on Mainstream Media

A Dash of Insight shares some thoughts on the Mainstream Media, Job Losses, and bridgeing the gap between perception and data. Why Investors Cannot Rely on Mainstream Media

[Top Foreign Stocks] World's Best Developed Market Banks

Top Foreign Stocks shares a link from Global Finance Magazine regarding the World's Best Developed Market Banks.

[Zignals] 15 More Years of This?

The Zignals Blog takes a look at a long-term Dow Jones chart and asks a provocative question: "15 More Years of This?"

[Financial Times] The US Oil Fund Mystery

Via a link from "Doom is Nigh," a post sheds some light on the US Oil Fund (USO) and how the ETF might be harmful long-term to investors. Avoid USO: The US Oil Fund Mystery.