Monday, October 12, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] The One-Hand Clapping Theory Examined

Mish of Global Economic Trend Analysis takes a look at the "One-Hand Clapping Theory" and how it relates to the "inflation/deflation" argument in the markets.

[Trader Feed] Retirement Planning for Traders

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a quick thought and link on Retirement Planning for Traders. It's never too early to start thinking about that.

[Essentials of Trading] Relationship Between Stocks and FOREX

John Forman at the Essentials of Trading shares a post on the Relationship Between Stocks and FOREX. He also shares a link to his presentation at the 2009 Los Angeles Trader's Expo presentation on Cross-Market Analysis and Trading.

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update: High Risk but Some Opportunity

Dash of Insight updates the ETF Sector Report and highlights areas to watch going forward.

[Options for Rookies] Using a Probability Calculator when Trading Options

Options for Rookies explains how to use a Probability Calculator when Trading Options.

[Technical Take] Investor Sentiment and Why I'm Changing My Tune

The Technical Take compares four measures of Investor Sentiment and arrives at some interesting conclusions, including "The 'Dumb Money' indicator is extremely bullish; the 'Smart Money' is neutral; insiders are net sellers; and Rydex timers seem to be on the wrong side of the trend. Thus, stocks are [better] for renting, not owning."

[Precious Metal Investment] What Caused Gold's Record Leap

A post from Precious Metal Investment that seeks to answer the question "What Caused Gold's Record Leap?"

[Robert Salomon] Interview with Effective Executive Magazine

Economist Robert Salomon post an Interview he had with the Effective Executive magazine.