Sunday, January 25, 2009

[Big Picture] Six Ideological Errors that Led the Financial Crisis

Barry Ritholtz lists the "Six Errors" as written by Princeton Professor Alan Blinder (along with original source) and shares some of his thoughts. Six Ideological Errors that Led the Financial Crisis

[Trader Feed] Macro-Perspectives for Short-Term Traders

Dr. Steenbarger lists key points and aspects short-term traders should keep in mind - watch the bigger picture of how markets relate to one another and how large participants and factors (affecting supply and demand) actually move markets. Macro-Perspectives for Short-Term Traders

[Quantifiable Edges] Stops - When Not to Use Them

Rob Hanna takes us through some of his experience and research on key strategies that don't perform as well when using stops. This is part one of the series so check back for follow-up. Stops - When Not to Use Them

[Wall Street Nation] Once Quality Stocks Now Under One Dollar

The Wall Street Nation takes a look at 13 stocks that were once bright stars - quality companies whose stock once traded at a much higher price in the past, but all of which now trade at less than $1. Once Quality Stocks Now Under $1

[Dash of Insight] Obama Policy on Mark-to-Market -- A Hint?

The Dash of Insight provides us a quick summary of what might be in store in terms of mark-to-market accounting and writes, "Various observers have labeled a change in the mark-to-market accounting rules as the biggest immediate action affecting stocks." See what he means in Obama Policy on Mark to Market - A Hint?

[Zignals] What is Technical Analysis?

The Zignals Blog published a brief video entitled "What is Technical Analysis and How to Use it?" which can serve as a good introduction to those unfamiliar with the topic or where to start.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Dividend Investing Resources

The Dividend Growth Investor provides a list of selected sites designed to give you more information on Dividend Investing Resources.

[Robert Salomon] Notable Bankruptcies of 2008

Robert Salomon lists the major business bankruptcy filings in 2008 from the list of the 231 companies who filed. That's less than in 2001 (289) but still more than anyone would like. Notable Bankruptcies of 2008