Sunday, September 13, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Five Points on The Market, Earnings, and Economy

From Mish's Global Economic Analysis, we have "Five Points on the Market, Earnings, and the Economy."

[Trader Feed] The Importance of Happiness and Avoiding Self Talk

From Dr. Brett Steenbarger of TraderFeed, two posts entitled:

The Importance of Happiness

Three Negative Patterns of Self-Talk and How to Overcome Them

[VIX and More] Triple ETF Options and Developments in Gold

Two Recent Posts from VIX and More:

Updating the Triple ETF Options Landscape

Recent Developments in Gold and Gold Volatility

[Dash of Insight] Fighting the Fundamentals

A Dash of Insights asks what it's like to Fight the Fundamentals and lists a handful of current stats.

[Quantifiable Edges] SPY Rising why SPY Volume Falls

Another excellent research post by Rob Hanna at Quantifiable Edges on what happens when SPY is Rising while SPY Volume Falls. "82% of instances posted a close below the entry point at some point in the next four days."

[Aleph Blog] Ten Notes on Risk in the Market

From the Aleph Blog, we find Ten Notes on Risk in the Market.

[Wall St Nation] Analysts Bet Rally Will Continue

From Wall Street Nation, quotes from articles from analysts that state that the "Rally Will Continue."

[Zen Trader] Economy Following Script for Jobless Recovery

A post from Zen Trader quoting Jason Simpkins assertion that the "Economy is Following the Script for a Jobless Recovery."