Monday, September 7, 2009

[Trade Feed] Thoughts on System Trading and Discretion

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed published a string of posts on System Trading that give traders something to study:

Developing a Trading System to Support Discretionary Traders

An Intraday Look at the Transition Trading System

Automated Trading Systems and Discretionary Trading

Further Conceptual Foundation for Transitional Swing Trading System

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast: Harold Evensky: Is Modern Portfolio Theory Dead

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor released a Podcast with Harld Evensky as they discuss "Is Modern Portfolio Theory Dead?" Also, they examine current market conditions as always and discuss the "September Almanac"

[Dash of Insight] Fresh Thought About September

From a Dash of Insight, a thought-provoking post on "A Fresh Thought About September" that brings up old S.A.T test question logic, and a lengthier post "Sell in September - a Time for Reality."

[Stock Chartist] SP500 Inverse Head and Shoulders or Bearish Rising Wedge

From the Stock Chartist, an interesting - conflicting - chart/pattern interpretation (with targets) as to whether the S&P 500 is currently forming a very bullish Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern or a Bearish Rising Wedge pattern.

[Jeflin's Investments] Lessons on Financial Crisis Forgotten in Speculation

From Jeflin's Investment, a lengthy, informative post exploring the notion that "Lessons on Financial Crisis [have been] Forgotten in Heady Speculation"

[Top Foreign Stocks] Top Ten Components of Economic Stimulus Index

An interesting post on stocks that benefited from the recent Stimulus Plan - showing the "Top Ten Components (stocks)"

[Zen Trader] Surviving the Market

A quick post from the Zen Trader on "Surviving the Market" which draws its inspiration from the Survivor's Handbook.

[Tischendorf Letter] Strategies to Improve Trading Gold Stocks

From the Tischendorf Letter, a post on Strategies to Improve Your Trading in Gold Stocks which is a simple but effective post that discusses hedging, trend following, and relative strength.