Thursday, November 5, 2009

[Big Picture] Unemployment Comparison from 2004 to 2009

Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture shares two graphs of US Unemployment - one from 2004 when the unemployment rate was 5.5% and the other now from 2009 when the unemployment rate is 9.8%. Very revealing.

[Trader Feed] Two Posts on Trading and Mood

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed wrote two posts, one on "Trading and Response Inhibition" and the other on "Trading and Mood" which are certainly worth referencing.

[VIX and More] Reverse Engineering a Critical Moving Average

I must give credit to Bill Luby of VIX and More for sparking a new idea in me - that of Reverse Engineering a Critical Moving Average. Read the post for his insights and current level to watch in the market for a potential turn if broken.

[Essentials of Trading] Two Posts: Correlation and Easy Signals

John Forman of the Essentials of Trading shared two recent blog posts that I wanted to highlight. First, a discussion on "Correlation Analysis for Trading Positions" and then a response to readers asking for specific "Buy and Sell Recommendations" (with his advice to learn to trust yourself).

[Daily Options Report] On Calling Tops and Bottoms

Advice with which I agree strongly from Adam Warner of Daily Options Reports as he shares his thoughts on "Calling Tops and Bottoms." A preview quote: "If your goal is to look brilliant, by all means, call turns. If your goal is to manage money well, you're better off joining in [the turn] later."

[Stock Chartist] Stock Market Roadmap

From the Stock Chartist, we see a "Stock Market Roadmap" that takes into account current trendlines, moving averages, price patterns, and 'end of month' patterns.

[Tischendorf Letter] Howard Lederer Interview on Trading and Poker

The Tischendorf Letter shares a video with Mike Coval interviewing Howard Lederer with a discussion on "Trading and Poker" in which the following quote originates, "It’s not about winning huge pots. It’s about losing less when you lose and winning more when you win."

[Dividend Growth Investor] Dividend Investor's Journey

From the Dividend Growth Investor, a story of the "Dividend Investor's Journey" with a range of thoughts to consider when thinking about dividend-style investing for the long-run.