Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Trader Feed] Why Quiet Markets Reveal the Best Traders

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed highlighted "Why Quiet Markets Reveal the Best Traders." " It's the [traders]who adapt their tactics to market conditions that survive over the long haul."

[Darwin's Finance] Seven Year-End Tax Tips

From Darwin's Finance, a timely post (a week left!) on "Seven Year-End Tax Tips You Can't Miss."

[The Aleph Blog] Five Notes on the Current Market Situation

The Aleph Blog posts "Five Notes on the Current Market Situation" which proves quick insights to consider as we turn the corner into 2010.

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update: Health Care Legislation and Drug Stocks C

From a Dash of Insight, a commentary on Health Care Legislation and Drug Stocks, including charts of key stocks.

[Jeflin Investment Blog] Don't be Suckered By Stock Rally in 2010

From Jeflin Investment Blog, a post entitled "Don't be Suckered by Stock Market Rally in 2010" which concludes with the comment: "Keep an eye on the exit!"

[Zignals Blog] The S&P 500 Review Trading Signals

From the Zignals Blog, an overview of various time periods in the S&P 500 and performance of the index - concluding with quote:

"My favoured outcome for 2010 is perhaps one along the lines of 1971. A market which has seen huge outsize gains in one year is likely to follow with another where very little happens at all. 2010 will likely be a difficult year to trade, but hopefully it will be viewed more in the context of a psychological recovery rather than a material one."

[Emerging Index] International ETF Performance Graph for 2009

From Emerging Index, a chart/list of the International ETF Performance in 2009 (also serves as a reference/comparison for overseas ETF symbols).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[Dividend Growth Investor] Capital Gains and Dividend Investors

From the Dividend Growth Investor website, a summary article entitled "Capital Gains and Dividend Investors" which includes the quote: "The market is efficient enough sometimes to discount events and experience moves even before important pieces of information are distributed to all market participants."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Bears in Hibernation

From Mish's Global Economic Analysis, a graph on the S&P 500 and Sentiment entitled "Bears in Hibernation." "Bearish sentiment is the lowest in two years and I am also told at lows seen only 3 times in the last 25 years."

[Trader Feed] Preparing to Win and Why Traders Lose Money

Two recent posts from Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed:

"Are You Prepared to Win?"

"Why Traders Keep Losing Money."

[Trader's Narrative] What do Rates Rising from Zero Mean for Equities?

A lengthy but informative guest post published at Trader's Narrative entitled "What do Rates Rising from Zero Mean for Equities?"

[Essentials of Trading] Taxes, Inflation, and Part-Time Trading

I wanted to highlight two posts John Forman of the Essentials of Trading:

SFO Article on Part-Time Trading

Taxes, Budget Deficit, and Inflation

[Quantifiable Edges] Breadth, Interview, and Gaps

I wanted to highlight three posts over the last week from Rob Hanna at Quantifiable Edges - one interesting take on breadth:

"Friday Breadth is So Negative... it Might Even Be Positive" (he was right)

Interview with Charles Kirk at the Kirk Report

Thoughts on Recent Gap Activity

[Technical Take] Gold vs Currencies vs Gold Sentiment

From the Technical Take, a quick chart that compares Gold Prices, Gold Sentiment, and Currencies. "From a sentiment perspective, extremes have yet to be reached."

[Tischendorf Letter] 5 Riskiest Market Scenarios

The Tischendorf Letter published quotes from Alan Farley on the "Five Riskiest Market Scenarios" (or, as I call it, the "Five Bads!")

[Emerging Index] Top Performing International ETFs of 2009

From the website Emerging Index, a current look at the top performing international ETFs (can also use as a reference for Country ETF symbols).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[Darwin's Finance] 787 ETF - A List of Every Known ETF

An excellent bookmark and reference page from Darwin's Finance: A List of Every ETF Known to Man

[Essentials of Trading] Market Makers and Opening Gaps

John Forman of the Essentials of Trading addresses a reader question on "Market Makers and the Opening Gap" where gaps are explained logically.

[Quantifiable Edges] What a Strong Morning TICK has Meant Historically

An excellent bit of research from Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges on Morning Strength in the TICK (first 30 min) and the positive performance of the market afterwards.

[Dash of Insight] Two Posts on the US Dollar

From a Dash of Insight, we get two excellent recent posts regarding the US Dollar Index and the Stock Market:

Dollar Weakness and Stock Strength (the data)

Understanding the Debate on the US Dollar

[Stock Chartist] Two Posts on the Market Future

I wanted to highlight two recent posts from the Stock Chartist:

An interesting comparison of Lunar Cycles and Stock Cycles (overlaid)

One View of the Market Future

[My Trader's Journal] Six Month View of the Dow Jones

From My Trader's Journal, a Six-Month Chart of the Dow Jones Index, showing a widening parallel trendline.

[Technical Take] Three Breadth Charts You won't See Anywhere Else

From the Technical Take, a post on "Three Breadth Charts You Won't See Anywhere Else..." all of which are showing negative divergences.

[Jeflin Investment Blog] Get Real on the Economic Recovery

From Jeflin's Investment Blog, a lengthy article entitled "Get Real on the Economic Recovery and Stock Rally" which addresses underlying weakness and looks 'under the numbers.'

[Zen Trader] Ten Rules for Successful Investing

The Zen Trader offers us a collection of "Ten Rules for Successful Investing."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

[Big Picture] Unemployment Comparison from 2004 to 2009

Barry Ritholtz of the Big Picture shares two graphs of US Unemployment - one from 2004 when the unemployment rate was 5.5% and the other now from 2009 when the unemployment rate is 9.8%. Very revealing.

[Trader Feed] Two Posts on Trading and Mood

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed wrote two posts, one on "Trading and Response Inhibition" and the other on "Trading and Mood" which are certainly worth referencing.

[VIX and More] Reverse Engineering a Critical Moving Average

I must give credit to Bill Luby of VIX and More for sparking a new idea in me - that of Reverse Engineering a Critical Moving Average. Read the post for his insights and current level to watch in the market for a potential turn if broken.

[Essentials of Trading] Two Posts: Correlation and Easy Signals

John Forman of the Essentials of Trading shared two recent blog posts that I wanted to highlight. First, a discussion on "Correlation Analysis for Trading Positions" and then a response to readers asking for specific "Buy and Sell Recommendations" (with his advice to learn to trust yourself).

[Daily Options Report] On Calling Tops and Bottoms

Advice with which I agree strongly from Adam Warner of Daily Options Reports as he shares his thoughts on "Calling Tops and Bottoms." A preview quote: "If your goal is to look brilliant, by all means, call turns. If your goal is to manage money well, you're better off joining in [the turn] later."

[Stock Chartist] Stock Market Roadmap

From the Stock Chartist, we see a "Stock Market Roadmap" that takes into account current trendlines, moving averages, price patterns, and 'end of month' patterns.

[Tischendorf Letter] Howard Lederer Interview on Trading and Poker

The Tischendorf Letter shares a video with Mike Coval interviewing Howard Lederer with a discussion on "Trading and Poker" in which the following quote originates, "It’s not about winning huge pots. It’s about losing less when you lose and winning more when you win."

[Dividend Growth Investor] Dividend Investor's Journey

From the Dividend Growth Investor, a story of the "Dividend Investor's Journey" with a range of thoughts to consider when thinking about dividend-style investing for the long-run.

Monday, October 12, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] The One-Hand Clapping Theory Examined

Mish of Global Economic Trend Analysis takes a look at the "One-Hand Clapping Theory" and how it relates to the "inflation/deflation" argument in the markets.

[Trader Feed] Retirement Planning for Traders

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a quick thought and link on Retirement Planning for Traders. It's never too early to start thinking about that.

[Essentials of Trading] Relationship Between Stocks and FOREX

John Forman at the Essentials of Trading shares a post on the Relationship Between Stocks and FOREX. He also shares a link to his presentation at the 2009 Los Angeles Trader's Expo presentation on Cross-Market Analysis and Trading.

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update: High Risk but Some Opportunity

Dash of Insight updates the ETF Sector Report and highlights areas to watch going forward.

[Options for Rookies] Using a Probability Calculator when Trading Options

Options for Rookies explains how to use a Probability Calculator when Trading Options.

[Technical Take] Investor Sentiment and Why I'm Changing My Tune

The Technical Take compares four measures of Investor Sentiment and arrives at some interesting conclusions, including "The 'Dumb Money' indicator is extremely bullish; the 'Smart Money' is neutral; insiders are net sellers; and Rydex timers seem to be on the wrong side of the trend. Thus, stocks are [better] for renting, not owning."

[Precious Metal Investment] What Caused Gold's Record Leap

A post from Precious Metal Investment that seeks to answer the question "What Caused Gold's Record Leap?"

[Robert Salomon] Interview with Effective Executive Magazine

Economist Robert Salomon post an Interview he had with the Effective Executive magazine.

Friday, October 2, 2009

[Trader Feed] A Cognitive Strategy for Overcoming Frustration in Trading

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a "Cognitive Strategy for Overcoming Frustration in Trading."

[VIX and More] Trader Development Model Draft

Bill Luby at VIX and More released a 'draft graph' of the new "Trader Development Model" that is worth referencing.

[Darwin Finance] How Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the Laws of Physics

An interesting post from Darwin's Finance on how "Stupidity on Wall Street Violated the Basic Laws of Physics." Interesting!

[Dash of Insight] Four Things You Didn't Know about Unemployment

A Dash of Insights gives us 'insight' on "Four Things You Didn't Know about Unemployment" which is useful to know given Friday's report.

[Stock Chartist] Two Market Consolidation Models

The Stock Chartist takes a look at Two Market Consolidation Models: One from 2004 and the other from 1933.

[Daily Options Report] How is Volatily like the Weather

Adam at Daily Options Report compares "Volatility to the Weather" in an interesting imagery.

[Top Foreign Stocks] How Costly are Financial Crises?

Top Foreign Stocks released a summary and description of past financial crises into easy to read tables.

[Zignals] NASDAQ Breadth Top Heavy

The Zignals Blog gives us a perspective on the "Top-Heavy" Breadth Readings in the NASDAQ.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Five Points on The Market, Earnings, and Economy

From Mish's Global Economic Analysis, we have "Five Points on the Market, Earnings, and the Economy."

[Trader Feed] The Importance of Happiness and Avoiding Self Talk

From Dr. Brett Steenbarger of TraderFeed, two posts entitled:

The Importance of Happiness

Three Negative Patterns of Self-Talk and How to Overcome Them

[VIX and More] Triple ETF Options and Developments in Gold

Two Recent Posts from VIX and More:

Updating the Triple ETF Options Landscape

Recent Developments in Gold and Gold Volatility

[Dash of Insight] Fighting the Fundamentals

A Dash of Insights asks what it's like to Fight the Fundamentals and lists a handful of current stats.

[Quantifiable Edges] SPY Rising why SPY Volume Falls

Another excellent research post by Rob Hanna at Quantifiable Edges on what happens when SPY is Rising while SPY Volume Falls. "82% of instances posted a close below the entry point at some point in the next four days."

[Aleph Blog] Ten Notes on Risk in the Market

From the Aleph Blog, we find Ten Notes on Risk in the Market.

[Wall St Nation] Analysts Bet Rally Will Continue

From Wall Street Nation, quotes from articles from analysts that state that the "Rally Will Continue."

[Zen Trader] Economy Following Script for Jobless Recovery

A post from Zen Trader quoting Jason Simpkins assertion that the "Economy is Following the Script for a Jobless Recovery."

Monday, September 7, 2009

[Trade Feed] Thoughts on System Trading and Discretion

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed published a string of posts on System Trading that give traders something to study:

Developing a Trading System to Support Discretionary Traders

An Intraday Look at the Transition Trading System

Automated Trading Systems and Discretionary Trading

Further Conceptual Foundation for Transitional Swing Trading System

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast: Harold Evensky: Is Modern Portfolio Theory Dead

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor released a Podcast with Harld Evensky as they discuss "Is Modern Portfolio Theory Dead?" Also, they examine current market conditions as always and discuss the "September Almanac"

[Dash of Insight] Fresh Thought About September

From a Dash of Insight, a thought-provoking post on "A Fresh Thought About September" that brings up old S.A.T test question logic, and a lengthier post "Sell in September - a Time for Reality."

[Stock Chartist] SP500 Inverse Head and Shoulders or Bearish Rising Wedge

From the Stock Chartist, an interesting - conflicting - chart/pattern interpretation (with targets) as to whether the S&P 500 is currently forming a very bullish Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern or a Bearish Rising Wedge pattern.

[Jeflin's Investments] Lessons on Financial Crisis Forgotten in Speculation

From Jeflin's Investment, a lengthy, informative post exploring the notion that "Lessons on Financial Crisis [have been] Forgotten in Heady Speculation"

[Top Foreign Stocks] Top Ten Components of Economic Stimulus Index

An interesting post on stocks that benefited from the recent Stimulus Plan - showing the "Top Ten Components (stocks)"

[Zen Trader] Surviving the Market

A quick post from the Zen Trader on "Surviving the Market" which draws its inspiration from the Survivor's Handbook.

[Tischendorf Letter] Strategies to Improve Trading Gold Stocks

From the Tischendorf Letter, a post on Strategies to Improve Your Trading in Gold Stocks which is a simple but effective post that discusses hedging, trend following, and relative strength.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Trader Feed] Trading Transitions and Uncovering Your Rules

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed had two excellent and resourceful posts I wanted to highlight this week: First, "Trading Transitions - Profiting from Reversals" and Second, "Uncovering Your Trading Rules."

[Fund My Mutual Fund] US Federal Budget in Pictures

If you ever wanted a pictorial representation of the US Federal Budget, Fund My Mutual Fund shows us two useful pie graphs of Expenses and Revenue.

[VIX and More] Bloggers on Volatility

Bill Luby of VIX and More shares a compilation of recent posts from other bloggers on the subject of Market Volatility which is certainly worth exploring.

[Darwin Finance] Leveraged ETF Symbol Chart

Darwin Finance shares a Table of Leveraged ETF Symbols for a reference.

[Quantifiable Edges] Distribution Days Quantified

If you ever wanted to know exactly how to define a 'Distribution Day,' look to Rob Hanna's recent post at Quantifiable Edges.

[Dash of Insight] Fun with Seasonality

From the Dash of Insight website, a look at Seasonality and Seasonal Tendencies in the Market.

[Jason Kelly] On Banking, Health Care, and Inflation

An ambitious piece by Jason Kelly as he tackles Banking, Health Care, and Inflation in a singular post.

[Technical Take] Treasury Yields - Someone will be Wrong

From the Technical Take, a look at long-term Treasury Yields and the warning "Someone Will be Wrong." A Quote: "Treasury yields have not moved higher; in other words, the Treasury market is not discounting the economic recovery. On the other hand, the stock market has roared ahead discounting the recovery (and then some). This divergence is noticeable, and it appears someone is going to be wrong."

[Zignals] Dow Theory Non-confirmation?

The Zignals Blog shares thoughts on a possible "Non-Confirmation in Dow Theory" signal here at current levels.

Monday, August 17, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures

Mish of Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis reveals an eye-opening analysis of what could be ahead economically in his post "Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures ... the Dam is About to Break."

[Trader Feed] Horizontal and Vertical Knowledge and Trading Success

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares insights on the interestingly titled post "Horizontal and Vertical Knowledge and Trading Success."

[Kirk Report] 10 Rules

Charles Kirk of the Kirk Report shares 10 Rules from Dr. Bob Rotella (sports psychology) and notes how each of them translate into trading the stock market (a great post to bookmark).

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast: Mish Answers "How Long Will this Rally Last?"

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor interviews Mish of Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis with questions and commentary on "How Long will this Rally Last?"

[Aleph Blog] 20 Notes on Current Risk in the Market

The Aleph Blog shares 20 Notes of Current Risk Still in the Market for you to ponder.

[Jeflin's Investment] Don't Bet on a V-Shaped Economic Recovery

From Jeflin Financial, a lengthy post on why we should Not Bet on a V-Shaped Economic Recovery (fundamental analysis/economics).

[Futronomics] What does Depression in the 21st Century Look Like?

From Futronomics, a look at Depression in the 21st Century (long read but insightful).

[Tischendorf Letter] A Speculator's Qualities

From the Tischendorf Letter, a list of "A Speculator's Essential Qualities" as described/quoted from Dickson Watts.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Trader Feed] The Dynamics of Trading Success

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a few thoughts on the Dynamics of Trading Success for us.
In the post, he links to a prior helpful article entitled "What Makes an Expert?"

[Disciplined Investor] Economics to Know on Friday Morning

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor anticipates Friday's "Jobs Report" and what it means for the market (with a nice chart from Bloomberg).

In addition, he recently released a Podcast "Recovery... or Sugar High" where he interprets various charts and looks at key stocks for clues to this 'recovery.'

[Technical Take] Invester Sentiment Extremely Extreme

A chart from the Technical Take which shows a proprietary Sentiment Indicator which is registering an extreme bullish sentiment... complete with interpretation and graphs.

[Chris Perruna] All-Time Top 10 NASDAQ Daily New Highs

From Chris Perruna, an excellent comparison of the NASDAQ Top 10 Highs across various years, with data going back 30 years - a valuable resource post to bookmark for future reference.

In addition, Chris provides a current detailed snapshot of Market Breadth - also worth bookmarking.

[Precious Metal Investment] Conflicting Messages from Gold Charts

From Precious Metal Investment, they provide a perspective on what I'm finding to be true in my own analysis - that there are "Conflicting Messages from Gold Charts." Worth a quick read.

[Zen Trader] Checklist for Success

The Zen Trader offers us a quick "Checklist for Success" worth referencing.

[Tischendorf Letter] Steidlmayer on Markets - Quotes

The Tishendorf Letter provides some helpful quotes from Peter Steidlmayer (Market Profile) on the "Profile of a Successful Trader."

[Grindstone Financial] How Sustainable is the Current Economic Growth

Grindstone Financial asks "How Sustainable is the Current Financial Growth?" and makes comparisons to early 2000 with additional references.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

[Trader Feed] Becoming the Best You Can Be as a Trader

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a brief but information-packed post on how to Be the Best You Can Be as a Trader.

[Kirk Report] Up, Up, and Away!

The Kirk Report takes a look at the most recent 10 day rally and notes his insights and thoughts on the amazing action.

[Wall Street Cheat Sheet] Exclusive Interview with Mike Bellafiore

Wall Street Cheat Sheet recently interviewed Mike Bellafiore of SMB Capital, where Mike shares his experiences, market lessons, and trading wisdom - and what it's like to work at a prop trading firm.

[Quantifiable Edges] My Take on the NASDAQ Streak

Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges shares research on the recent "12 Day Winning Streak" in the NASDAQ (did you know it hasn't happened since 1997?)

[Dash of Insight] Politics, Ideology, and Investing

A Dash of Insight takes an ambitious look at "Politics, Ideology, and Investing."

[Zen Trader] Four Ways to Profit if Bernanke's Exit Strategy Backfires

The Zen Trader gives us a lengthy post explaining ways to profit if the Federal Reserve's strategy of 'cleaning up' easy money policy fails.

[Correct Call] ETF Screener: Bigger is Better

The Correct Call site shows some of the top ETFs that could be expected to outperform the S&P 500

[Grindstone Financial] Be Careful Reading Too Much into Rallies

Grindstone Financial shares some cautions that we "not read too much into these rallies."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[Trader Feed] The Three Mistakes I see Traders Making

Dr. Steenbarger of TraderFeed shares his insights on the "Three Mistakes [he] Sees Most Traders Making." Are you making one of them?

[Trader's Narrative] The 18 Year Stock and Commodity Cycles

Trader's Narrative shares graphs and thoughts on the 18 Year Stock and Commodity Market Cycles.

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast:: Frank Curzio on How to Research a Stock

The Disciplined Investor interviews Frank Curzio on how to research a stock using both Fundamental and Technical analysis - great for newer and intermediate traders.

[Phil's Stock World] Will We Hold it Wednesday?

Phil's Stock World takes a look at the current market structure and the reaction of Intel's earnings and critical levels to watch on the market.

[Dash of Insight] Confidence, the Economy, and Balance Sheet

A Dash of Insight examines "Confidence, the Economy, and the Fed's Balance Sheet" and walks us through various statistics and charts as well as great commentary on the topics.

[Random Roger] ETF Ratings... Feh.

Random Roger shares his thoughts on ETF Ratings and notes some of the shortcoming of ratings on these securities.

[Stock Chartist] Market Future is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Stock Chartist takes a look at 'charting' as an art and notes that "The Future is in the Eye of the Beholder".

[Technical Take] Popular Moving Average Models

The Technical Take examines new research on "Moving Average Models" and looks at popular models. My favorite quote is at the end: "As we all know, the market will do its best to confuse the most."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Embrace Deflation - It is the Answer

From Mish at Global Economic Analysis, a discussion on why "Deflation is the Cure" including various links and quotes.

[Trader Feed] Gaining a Feel for Market Immersion

Dr. Steenbarger at Trader Feed shares with us a post "Gaining a Feel for Market Immersion by Historical Trading Patterns" which discusses preparation for the trading day and observing many patterns.

[Dash of Insight] A Crib Sheet for Government Data

A Dash of Insight shares a 'crib sheet' for interpreting Government Data along with a readers guide and links.

[World Beta] Combining Rotation and Timing Systems

World Beta takes a look at "Combining Rotation and Timing Systems" in terms of developing an investment strategy. They describe their approach and answer top questions from readers.

[Wall St Nation] Inflation Rates in 77 Countries

Want to know where the US stands in terms of inflation year over year as compared to other countries? Wall Street Nation has the answer. Venezuela has the highest rate at 27%.

[Precious Metal Investment] Gold Drops - Is This the Summer Doldrums?

Precious Metal Investment asks the question "With Gold's Drop to $929, is this just the beginning of the Summer Doldrums?" or something worse.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Largest Stock Buybacks for 2009

The Dividend Growth Investor lists the "Largest Stock Buybacks for 2009" in a list and then explanatory post.

[News to Use] The Case Against Inflation

I try to be open to all market views - here's the "Case Against Inflation" as presented by the News to Use Site.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

[Stock Trading to Go] 3 Liquidity Ratios for Fundamental Investing

Stock Trading to Go discusses the "Three Best Liquidity Ratios for Fundamental Investors" to use in their analysis. To those not aware of these, they are easily obtained from popular financial websites and can help in selecting stocks when technicals and fundamentals align.

[Trader Feed] The Psychology of Leverage

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares thoughts on "The Psychology of Leverage" in which he discusses risk, profit/loss forecasting, simulations, and capitalization.

[Essentials of Trading] Three Big Reasons why Small Accounts Fail

John Forman of the Essentials of Trading shares "Three Big Reasons why Small Accounts Fail" in an enlightening post - summary: Wrong Mindset, Too Much Risk, and High Transaction Costs.

[Aleph Blog] Ten Points About the Debt Markets

The Aleph Blog shares "Ten Points About the Debt Markets" which is a lengthy but segmented read that shares ten observations on treasuries/debt market worth reading and considering.

[Technical Take] Market Internals Charts of Interest

The Technical Take blog focuses on various "Market Internal Indicators" such as the stocks above the 40 day MA, up vs down volume, and leveraged bull/bear funds all in relation to the S&P 500.

[Stock Web] Commodity Investing with ETFs

The Stock Web takes a look at the top ten best performing commodity-based ETFs (complete with symbols) which gives a list of ways you can profit (trade) commodity ETFs.

[Zignals] Moving Forward in the SPX

The Zignals Blog takes a look at "Moving Forward in the S&P 500" which refers to historical occurrences of the S&P 500 in relation to key moving averages and the future movement when 'signals' were generated.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Diversify or Concentrate?

The Dividend Growth Investor analyzes whether it's better to "Diversify or Concentrate" a portfolio focused on dividend paying stocks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Trader Feed] What Should I Focus Upon?

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed asks a simple question with a detailed response: "What Should I Focus Upon?"

[Essentials of Trading] Two Years of Trading and Nothing but Losses

John Forman shares an email from a reader and a response/discussion on the topic "Two Years of Trading and Nothing but Losses"

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast: Kevin DePew on Technical Indicators

This week's Podcast from Andrew Horowitz - the Disciplined Investor - interviewed Kevin DePew of Minyanville with a discussion focused on Technical Indicators

[Aleph Blog] 8 Notes on Actions of US Govt on Economy

The Aleph Blog takes a look at 8 points with many links on the Actions of the US Government on the US Economy.

[Darwin Finance] YTD Stock Market Returns by Country

Ever wanted to know what the major Country iShares returns are so far for 2009? Darwin's Finance shares the results (up to June 1st).

[Chris Perruna] Cumulative Advance Decline Line

Some helpful insights and great looking charts from Chris Perruna in "Cumulative Advance Decline Line"

[Market Speculator] The SPY Change in Character

From the Market Speculator, a post on "What You Need to Know about the SPY Change in Character" which deals with a bullish shift in the RSI Indicator.

[Zignals] The "Sucks" Indicator

An interesting use of Google Trends when looking at companies - the "Suck" Indicator.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

[Disciplined Investor] Reflection and a Peek into Next Week

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor shares some thoughts on the recent market action and then takes a peek at what might be in store for the week ahead.

[Peridot Capitalist] Buy and Hold Doesn't Work if you Completely Ignore Valuation

From Peridot Capitalist, a lengthy post entitled "Buy and Hold Doesn't Work if you Completely Ignore Valuation."

[Quantifiable Edges] 3 Lower Closes - A Misunderstood Edge

Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges reveals research insights on "Three Lower Closes - a Misunderstood Edge."

[Darwin Finance] The Riskiest ETFs on Earth - 3x ETFs

I always take the opportunity to highlight posts that emphasize the dangers or risks of these triple leveraged long or short ETFs, and Darwin Finance does a very good job of this while providing a list of these ETFs and recent (under)performance.

[Top Foreign Stocks] Top Ten Creditors to the USA

If you ever wanted to know who the top ten creditors are to the United States, Top Foreign Stocks shares a list and provides details of the debt.

[Chris Perruna] New Highs New Lows Picks Market Tops and Bottoms

Chris Perruna shows various graphs and demonstrates how the New Highs and New Low Index can "Pick" Market Tops and Bottoms.

[Robert Salomon] Are Better than Expected Q1 Earnings an Illusion?

Robert Salomon shares three major points on whether or not Better than Expected First Quarter Earnings (which sparked the stock market rally in part) are actually an Illusion.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Dividend Investing vs Trading

The Dividend Growth Investor describes some of the differences in long-term investing in dividend-paying stocks and stock trading.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

[Trader Feed] What Can We Learn from Opening Gaps in SP500?

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a research post on "What Can We Learn from Large and Small Gaps in the S&P 500 Index".

[Stock Trading to Go] 5 Rules for Predicting Trends

Stock Trading to Go shares Five Rules for Predicting Trends - which mainly can serve as an introduction to trendline drawing techniques.

[Trader's Narrative] Sentiment Overview

Trader's Narrative gives us an Overview of Various Sentiment Indicators for May 8th 2009.

[Disciplined Investor] Stress Test: Download the Playbook

Andrew Horowitz at the Disciplined Investor offers us a download of the Playbook to understanding the Stress Tests - great reference!

[Aleph Blog] One Dozen Notes on the Markets

The Aleph Blog lists One Dozen Notes on the Current State of the Markets - great, quick read.

[Stock Chartist] Comparing Market Bottoms in 1975, 2003, and 2009

The Stock Chartist looks at charts from 1975, 2003, and 2009 to note similarities.

In addition, view Corey's post "Are We Reliving 1975 or 1982?" for an additional comparison.

[Jeflin's Investment] First Stage of a Primary Bull Trend?

Jeflin's Investment Blog asks "Is this Market Rally the Beginning of a New Primary Bull Market Trend?"

[Stock Web] Is it the Right Time to Buy Commodities?

Stock Web asks "Is it the Right time to Buy Commodities?" and provides various perspectives in a article mostly focused on fundamental analysis reasons.

[Futronomics] What is Behind the Rally?

Futronomics asks "What is Behind the Rally?" and provides various quotes and perspectives in a lengthy article.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Technical Indicators Scream Caution

Mish shares some charts of various technical indicators which 'scream' caution (bearishness) going forward in the market.

[Stock Trading to Go] Understanding Technical Analysis, Reading Stock Charts

Stock Trading to Go shares an introduction to stock chart analysis, which can be used by primarily fundamental analysts as a 'first step' into charting: Understanding Technical Analysis, Reading Stock Charts

[Dash of Insight] Does Blogging Enable Market Manipulation?

Very interesting thoughts from a Dash on the question, Does Blogging Enable Market Manipulation?

[Microcap Speculator] All of the original 3x ETFs down over the past six months

The Microcap Speculator shows that All of the original 3x ETFs down over the past six months. This echoes a similar argument I have that "'s not a function of a tracking error. Its a structural flaw in these instruments."

[Robert Salomon] What Can be Made of the Stress Test Methodology?

Robert Salomon asks What Can be Made of the Stress Test Methodology?

[Grindstone Financial] Is the Federal Reserve the next Lehman Bros?

"It's interesting to note that while the Federal Reserve has been preventing the banks from falling off the cliff they seemed to have neglected their own balance sheet." Grindstone Financial asks, "Is the Federal Reserve the next Lehman Bros?"

[Bob's Advice] Building a Portfolio - Natural Selection or Intelligent Design

A very interesting article from Bob's Advice for Stocks on Building a Portfolio - Natural Selection or Intelligent Design

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Trader Feed] Secondary Anxiety and Trader Performance

Trader Feed shares thoughts on the psychology of trading in Secondary Anxiety and Trader Performance, which is helpful for traders and investors who have suffered losses over the last few months.

[Stock Trading to Go] Top 5 Economic Indicators to Track

Stock Trading to Go shares a list of the Top 5 Economic Indicators to Track with a brief description of each one.

[Essentials of Trading] Conspiracies, Regulations, and Trader Paranoia

I had to feature this post by Essentials of Trading entitled Conspiracies, Regulations, and Trader Paranoia in which John Forman tries to debunk assumptions many traders have. A must-read for new traders.

[VIX and More] How to Create Your Own Portable VXV

VIX and More shares how to Create Your Own VXV Volatility Index. The VXV is a shorter-term version of the VIX Index and you can create your own with these Six Steps.

[Wall St Nation] Get Ready for 94 More 3x Leveraged ETFs

Wall Street Nation shares a list and a link for more information on the upcoming 94 new ETFs with 3x leverage - for better or worse.

[Quantifiable Edges] Fear and Greed Research

Quantifiable Edges conducts research on "Fear and Greed" and concludes, as we all suspect, that "People are too bullish at tops and too bearish at bottoms." Now there's quick research to back it up!

[Phil's Stock World] How to Buy a Stock for a 15% to 20% Discount

Phil's Stock World shares with us "How to Buy a Stock for a 15% - 20% Discount" - hint, use options and don't be afraid to scale in. Phil gives a checklist.

[Dash of Insight] Recognizing an Expert: The Stress Test

A Dash of Insight shares how to "Recognize an Expert: The Stress Test Issue" with an emphasis on specifics.

[Gaming the Market] Too Big to Fail but Not Too Big to Sink

Gaming the Market shares some insight into the financial crisis with references to the 'unsinkable' Titanic ship in the post "Too Big to Fail but Not Too Big to Sink"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

[Trader Feed] Integrating Time, Price, and Volume

Dr. Steenbarger shares with us insights on how to Integrate Time, Price, and Volume to Generate Trading Ideas. Also - bonus link - "Five Things You Never Hear Traders Say when they're Making Money"

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast: The "Creature" Known as the Federal Reserve

The Disciplined Investor interviews G. Edward Griffin in his latest Podcast, in which they discuss the history of the Federal Reserve and how it 'controls' America in "The Creature Known as the Federal Reserve."

[VIX and more] VIX High or Low? It Depends

VIX and More shares charts and historical perspectives on why context matters in determining whether the VIX is High or Low.

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update: True Sector Rotation?

A Dash of Insights shares details about misconceptions on Sector Rotation and how ETFs can help us identify money flow among sectors - True Sector Rotation (ETFs)?

[Precious Metal Investment] How to Trade Gold ETFs

Precious Metal Investment gives us insight on the background of Gold ETFs and offers advice on how we might trade them.

[Gaming the Market] Collection of Sage Trading Advice

Gaming the Market collects various quotes and summaries (lists) from Alan Farley and Bo Yoder: Collection of Sage Trading Advice.

[Futronomics] The Critical Mass

Futronomics describes comments by leading economists on the 'bailout,' bankruptcies, and the future of the economy. The Critical Mass.

[Robert Salomon] Notable Bankruptcies of Q1 2009

Robert Salomon gives us a list of notable bankruptcies that have occurred in the first quarter of 2009, broken down by sector.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

[Timothy Sykes] How Often Should You be Thinking About the Stock Market

Timothy Sykes - writing from Aspen! - shares with us his thoughts on "How Often Should You be Thinking About the Stock Market?" Hint: Be sure to balance priorities - and relax.

Friday, April 3, 2009

[Trader Feed] One Secret to Life Success

Dr. Brett Steenbarger shares a personal experience and discusses one "Secret to Life Success" which can be comforting in troubled economic times.

[Fund My Mutual Fund] The Current and Future Disassociation of Markets and Economics

Fund My Mutual Fund shares some interesting thoughts on the disassociation of stock markets and economics - asking the question, "Might the stock market no longer be a good predictor of the economy?" Whatever your thoughts, it's worth a read.

[Condor Options] Options, Timing, and Risk Management

Condor Options shares thoughts on Options, Timing, and Risk Management

[VIX and More] Options Opportunity Matrix

If you're having trouble figuring out all the possibilities of your next options trade, VIX and More shares a helpful "Opportunity Matrix" you can use to help make your decision.

[Quantifiable Edges] Simple Short-selling Systems

Rob Hanna shares research on a Simple Short-Selling System (related to the 200 day SMA). In addition, he shares results on Large Gaps Up After the Market has Already Risen.

[Dash of Insight] Politics and Investing

Dash of Insight tackles a huge topic in a succinct post: Politics and Investing.

[Futronomics] Social Mood Turns Ugly

Futronomics details perspectives on how the "Social Mood has Turned Ugly." At the end is a compelling video including person interviews with teens on their perspective for the future.

[Grindstone Financial] What does a Trillion Dollars Really Look Like

So, what does a trillion dollars look like if you stood next to it? And how does it compare visually with a million dollars and a billion dollars? Grindstone Financial has the answer.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

[Trader Feed] The Challenge of Market Engagement

What does it mean to sustain 'engagement' in the Markets? Dr. Steenbarger of TraderFeed addresses this question in his post "The Challenge of Market Engagement."

[Condor Options] Look Before You (buy) LEAPS

Condor Options shares a helpful post to those considering whether LEAPS (long term options) might be right for them. Look Before You (buy) LEAPS.

[VIX and More] On Trading Rules and Guidelines

A must-read post from VIX and More entitled "On Trading Rules and Guidelines"

[Daily Options Report] New Leveraged ETFs that May Last More than a Year

Adam of Daily Options Report gives background on new leveraged ETFs from Direxion (who now offer 3x leveraged funds) that are intended to track monthly returns instead of daily returns. Worth a read. Leveraged ETFs that May Last More than a Year.

[Quantifiable Edges] Large Gaps Up Since September 2008

Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges shares some quick research on all "Large Gaps Up since September 2008"

[Stock Web] Health Care Sector isn't Always Defensive

Stock Web challenges conventional thinking in a well-written post entitled "Health Care isn't Always Defensive"

[Gaming the Market] Engineered Meltdown - End of the Beginning

From Gaming the Market, a lengthy and multi-faceted post entitled Our Engineered Meltdown: The End of the Beginning.

[Technical Take] Treasury Yields: Intervention Breeds Uncertainty

From the Technical Take Blog, a post details the 'uncertainty' that comes into financial markets (including treasuries) with Government Intervention. Intervention Breeds Uncertainty.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Boomer's Futures Went Down the Drain

Mish takes a look at the changing attitudes of Baby Boomers as they face retirement with portfolios that have now declined 50% or more from their peaks. "Boomer's Futures Went Down the Drain"

[Stock Trading to Go] Comparing Today's Bear Market to 1929

Stock Trading to Go takes a look at the 1929 Crash and notes similarities to today's bear market.

[Disciplined Investor] Was THAT the Market Bottom?

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor asks "Was THAT the Bottom?" in a post and also tackles the question "Is the Market (S&P) Racing to 500 or 1,000 Next?" in his most recent Podcast.

[VIX and More] More Volatility + Less Fear = Lower VIX

Bill Luby of VIX and More shares some insights into the 'strange' development where the higher volatility has actually resulted in a lower (than recent average) VIX. More Volatility + Less Fear = Lower VIX

[Quantifiable Edges] Why Tuesday's 90% Up Day Might NOT Be Bullish

Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges takes a historical look at prior 90% Up days and puts them in context and asks "Why Tuesday's 90% Up Day Might NOT Be Bullish"

[Correct Call] 7 Ways to Protect Your Portfolio

Correct Call shares insights into Seven Ways to Protect Your Portfolio Right Now.

[News to Use] Stock Market Valuation Near Bottom

News to Use shares some behind the scenes fundamental valuation models to show that stocks may be near a bottom.

[Bob's Advice] On Starting an Investment Club During a Bear Market

Bob shares some thoughts on the importance of choosing the right philosophy when starting an investment club during a bear market.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Bloggers] Trader Tax: A Call to Action

Numerous Bloggers this week have posted on the proposed and devastating "Trader Tax" Bill that's been introduced in Congress. Be aware of this and take action as you see fit. Here is a short list of bloggers who have written about this topic this week:

Tim Sykes - “Why Peter DeFazio’s Plan Stinks“.

Dr. Steenbarger: “Punishing the Wrong Group.”

Corey Rosenbloom: Trader Tax Bill and Petition

John Forman: Trader Tax Proposal in Congress

John Lee’s take at Seeking Alpha: “Trader Tax: A Bad Idea”

A Link to the Proposed Bill: "H.R. 1068"

A Link to the Online Petition

[Stock Trading to Go] 21 Reasons the Recession is Nearing the End

Take it for what it's worth, but Stock Trading to Go lists 21 Reasons the Recession might be coming to an end.

[Trader Feed] Recognizing Buying and Selling Pressure

Dr. Steenbarger shares some thoughts on how to recognize Supply and Demand - or buying and selling pressure - in the Stock Market (two posts): Recognize Buying Pressure and also Recognize Selling Pressure.

[Chris Perruna] Pareto Principle - 80-20 Rule

Chris Perruna shares insights and statistics on the "Pareto Principle," also known as the 80/20 Rule which is common in many facets of life. The Pareto Principle.

[Dash of Insight] Why Investors Cannot Rely on Mainstream Media

A Dash of Insight shares some thoughts on the Mainstream Media, Job Losses, and bridgeing the gap between perception and data. Why Investors Cannot Rely on Mainstream Media

[Top Foreign Stocks] World's Best Developed Market Banks

Top Foreign Stocks shares a link from Global Finance Magazine regarding the World's Best Developed Market Banks.

[Zignals] 15 More Years of This?

The Zignals Blog takes a look at a long-term Dow Jones chart and asks a provocative question: "15 More Years of This?"

[Financial Times] The US Oil Fund Mystery

Via a link from "Doom is Nigh," a post sheds some light on the US Oil Fund (USO) and how the ETF might be harmful long-term to investors. Avoid USO: The US Oil Fund Mystery.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[Big Picture] Word Cloud and Stimulus Plan Map

Barry Ritholtz provides two quick image posts that show us the "Word Cloud Map" of Secretary Geithner's speech and then links to an image of the Economic Stimulus Plan Mapped Out.

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Insanity Prevails

Mish discusses the recent government activity and provides his comments in two recent posts: Insanity Prevails (regarding the Bail-out) and Bernanke - So Far So Good (on Credit Moves).

[Trader Feed] Identifying Breakouts from Ranges

Dr. Steenbarger shares with us his analysis and tips on how to identify and trade Range Breakouts. Breakouts from Trading Ranges

[Investment Postcards] Dr Doom and the Black Swan

Investment Postcards shares with us a video that has Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb discussing how to predict financial crises - very interesting. Dr. Doom and the Black Swan

[Quantifiable Edges] Importance of Positioning in Analysis

Rob Hanna shares with us some insights from his research that describes why it's important to consider initial positioning when considering research/analysis: The Importance of Positioning in Analysis.

[Chris Perruna] Oil Double Long ETN (DXO)

Chris Perruna shares some insights and warnings about trading double-leveraged funds (and shares his recent experience): Oil Double Long ETN (DXO)

[Trader Gav] What do you Really Need to Learn About Trading?

Trader Gav, who has been working on automated trading systems, shares his thoughts on what we really need to know: "Learning to adjust your mindset, to accept the change, to really understand your battle field, with these, start to enhance or alter your strategies." What You Really Need to Learn....

[Dividend Growth Investor] Seven Notable Dividend Increases in the News

The Dividend Growth Investor shares with us seven companies that have raised their dividends recently, which might be worth a second glance. Seven Notable Dividend Increases in the News

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[Big Picture] Worst January Ever

Barry Ritholtz provides us with a graph detailing the main Sectors in the S&P 500 and notes their performance in January. Worst January Ever. Also, he summarizes an article from Reinhart and Rogoff that states to "Expect a Prolonged Slump".

[Trader Feed] Strengths of the Emotionally Intelligent Trader

Dr. Steenbarger provides us a list of traits shared by Emotionally Intelligent individuals and relates that to trading the markets. Strengths of the Emotionally Intelligent Trader. A related post - Taking Heat on Your Trades.

[Kirk Report] 10 Questions with Michael Panzer

Charles Kirk interviews Michael Panzer, who wrote Financial Armageddon which has been gaining attention thanks to its predictions of a large part of the current financial crisis. 10 Questions with Michael Panzer

[Market Folly] George Soros Discusses His Portfolio from 2008

Market Folly links to, and provides commentary on an interview with George Soros, who describes his experiences in 2008. Interesting. Soros Portfolio from 2008. Also, Market Folly posts links to Hedge Fund Investment Letters.

[Quantifiable Edges] 2% Gaps Revisited

Rob Hanna reveals some research he conducted recently which address 2% overnight gaps in the market. 2% Gaps Revisited. Also, 2% Gap Ups Revisited.

[Wall St Nation] Video of Taleb Explaining Black Swan

Wall Street Nation provides a link to a 54 minute video of Nassim Taleb explaining in detail his arguments in the popular book The Black Swan. Taleb Explains Black Swan (Video link)

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update

A Dash of Insight provides us an update on key ETFs and provides a nice graph displaying the performance. ETF Update.

[Zignals] Where Are We in the Economic Cycle

Zignals shares various graphs and charts that seek to answer the question "Where Are We in the Economic Cycle?"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

[Big Picture] Six Ideological Errors that Led the Financial Crisis

Barry Ritholtz lists the "Six Errors" as written by Princeton Professor Alan Blinder (along with original source) and shares some of his thoughts. Six Ideological Errors that Led the Financial Crisis

[Trader Feed] Macro-Perspectives for Short-Term Traders

Dr. Steenbarger lists key points and aspects short-term traders should keep in mind - watch the bigger picture of how markets relate to one another and how large participants and factors (affecting supply and demand) actually move markets. Macro-Perspectives for Short-Term Traders

[Quantifiable Edges] Stops - When Not to Use Them

Rob Hanna takes us through some of his experience and research on key strategies that don't perform as well when using stops. This is part one of the series so check back for follow-up. Stops - When Not to Use Them

[Wall Street Nation] Once Quality Stocks Now Under One Dollar

The Wall Street Nation takes a look at 13 stocks that were once bright stars - quality companies whose stock once traded at a much higher price in the past, but all of which now trade at less than $1. Once Quality Stocks Now Under $1

[Dash of Insight] Obama Policy on Mark-to-Market -- A Hint?

The Dash of Insight provides us a quick summary of what might be in store in terms of mark-to-market accounting and writes, "Various observers have labeled a change in the mark-to-market accounting rules as the biggest immediate action affecting stocks." See what he means in Obama Policy on Mark to Market - A Hint?

[Zignals] What is Technical Analysis?

The Zignals Blog published a brief video entitled "What is Technical Analysis and How to Use it?" which can serve as a good introduction to those unfamiliar with the topic or where to start.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Dividend Investing Resources

The Dividend Growth Investor provides a list of selected sites designed to give you more information on Dividend Investing Resources.

[Robert Salomon] Notable Bankruptcies of 2008

Robert Salomon lists the major business bankruptcy filings in 2008 from the list of the 231 companies who filed. That's less than in 2001 (289) but still more than anyone would like. Notable Bankruptcies of 2008

Thursday, January 15, 2009

[Mish's Economic Analysis] Social Mood Will Define the Future

Mish lays out a case that argues how 'social mood' will help shape the future in terms of retirement, inflation, government intervention, etc. Social Mood Will Define the Future.

[Maoxian] List of Liquid Leveraged ETFs

Ever wanted a simple list of liquid leveraged ETFs for reference? Maxoian provides the 2x and 3x leveraged ETFs with monthly volumes averaging greater than 500,000 shares. List of Liquid Leveraged ETFs.

[Essentials of Trading] Choosing Day Trading

John Forman discusses reasons why people might choose day-trading as a strategy and some of the benefits and pitfalls of the choice. Choosing Day Trading.

[Stock Market Prognosticator] Nine Surprises for 2009

I wanted to provide a humorous link which also might get you thinking as to whether some of these things might come true! Nine Surprises for 2009

[Trader Gav] Thoughts from Trading Strategy Development

Trader Gav shares some of his experience and gives us questions we should be asking when developing a trading system. Thoughts from Trading Strategy Development.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Don't Chase High-Yielding Stocks Blindly

The Dividend Growth Investor reminds us in an informative article that high yields - especially in this environment - may be attractive, but you need to do additional research before jumping all in. "Don't Chase High-Yielding Stocks Blindly"

[Gaming the Market] Trader Spreadsheet Examples

Gaming the Market shares numerous examples of Spreadsheets including a Trading Record, Journal, Equity Curve and others available for download via Scribd. Trader Spreadsheet Examples.

[Technical Take] What is it Going to Take

The Technical Take asks "What's it going to take to find a bottom and the start of a new bull market?" The answer is "Time," but Guy Lerner digs a little deeper than a one-word answer. "What's it Going to Take?"

Friday, January 9, 2009

[Trader Feed] Trading and Psychology - Best of 2008

Dr. Brett Steenbarger begins volume 1 of the "Best of Trader Feed" posts focusing on psychology... stay tuned for additional volumes: Trading and Market Psychology: The Best of 2008

[The Kirk Report] Lessons Learned in 2008

Charles Kirk shares a very thoughtful list of numerous lessons learned through the course of 2008: A Must Read! Lessons Learned in 2008.

[VIX and More] The Often Overlooked Put Writing Strategy

The VIX and More site takes a look at a Put-Writing Options strategy that you may want to incorporate, and also provides a link for more information. Find out what the strategy is! The Often Overlooked Put Writing Strategy

[Essentials of Trading] Some Not-So-Great Tips for Using Stop-Loss Orders

John Forman describes his experience with stop-losses and also discusses a list from Stock Trading to Go - Forman's post provides both links and commentary: Some Not-So-Great Tips for Using Stop-Loss Orders.

[Stock Chartist] Objectively Understand Your Trading Style

Sage advice from the Stock Chartist - here is a quote: "That blind spot is looking charts in only one time frame and usually ignoring the longer term picture.... Bottom line, whenever you read or hear market comment, do it with a clear understanding of your trading style."Objectively Understand Your Trading Style

[Precious Metal Investment] What is Palladium and Where Does it Come From?

An educational post from Precious Metal Investment on a precious metal other than gold or silver that you might want to learn: What is Palladium and Where Does it Come From?

[Microcap Speculator] - Microcap Seasonal Strategy

The Microcap Speculator site describes the "January Effect" which is a tendency for small caps to outperform large caps and provides four linked articles to learn more to develop a strategy: Microcap Seasonal Strategy.

[Dividend Growth Investor] Dividend Cuts - The Worst Nightmare

The Dividend Growth Investor reveals the "Worst Nightmare" for dividend-specific investors and provides an explanation of why companies might cut dividends and what that means for investors: Dividend Cuts: The Worst Nightmare for Dividend Investors

Saturday, January 3, 2009

[Mish Economic Analysis] Wave 4 Theory Intact as Market Shrugs off Bad News

Mish describes the charts behind the "Elliott Wave 4 Theory" and then lists snippets of the "Bad Economic News" against which the Market is rallying - Wave 4 Theory Intact as Market Shrugs off Bad News

[Stock Trading to Go] 20 Personal Finance Tips for 2009

Stock Trading to Go encourages you to take control of your personal finances in 2009 and starts you off with 20 quick tips while providing links to other resources. 20 Personal Finance Tips for 2009.

[Trader Feed] Best of Trader Feed 2007

Dr. Brett Steenbarger lists the top posts from his Trader Feed blog in 2007 in two volumes: Best of 2007 Volume 1 and Best of 2007 Volume 2.

[Stock Masters] No where to go but Up in 2009?

The provides an overview of the current markets and details earnings expectations, volatility considerations, and poses other questions to ponder in the post "No Where to Go but Up in 2009?"

[Chris Perruna] Top Articles for the New Year

Respected blogger Chris Perruna details his top twenty posts to kick off the New Year. Top Articles of the New Year.

[World Beta] Five Ideas for 2009

In keeping with the "What's recommended in 2009" theme, the author provides five themes or ideas to consider as we enter the new year. Five Ideas for 2009.

[Zignals Blog] Stocks for 2009

The Zignals blog lists predictions for stocks to buy in 2009 from a variety of financial analysts and gurus. See which names are on most: Stocks for 2009.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


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