Tuesday, March 9, 2010

[Trader Feed] Strategy and Tactics in Trading

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares a few linked posts on Strategy and Tactics in Trading.

[Disciplined Investor] 15 Hottest Reads this Week at TDI

Andrew Horowitz shares the 15 most popular/read posts this week aggregated at the Disciplined Investor site (stock ideas).

[Essentials of Trading] Is Trading for a Living Worth it?

Some personal insights from John Forman of the Essentials of Trading as he answers an email question, "Is Trading Worth it Financially?"

[SMB Capital] Live from the Classroom with Bella: Becoming a Better Trader

Mike Bellafiore of SMB Capital published a 24-minute educational video on StockTwits.tv discussing the "Best Ways to Get Better as a Trader" that is a must-view.

[Options for Rookies] Trader or Gambler: Which are You?

Options for Rookies asks the important question, "Are you a Trader or a Gambler?" with insights.

[Stock Chartist] OBV Leading or Following?

The Stock Chartist takes a look at the construction of OBV (On Balance Volume) and asks whether this is a "Leading or Following Indicator" currently.

[Random Roger] Big Picture Outlook for March 7

Random Roger updates us on the "Big Picture Outlook for the Week of March 7, 2010"

[Dash of Insight] ETF Update: Midcap Move

A Dash of Insight updates us on the recent ETF Sheet - Midcap Movers.