Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Trader Feed] What Should I Focus Upon?

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed asks a simple question with a detailed response: "What Should I Focus Upon?"

[Essentials of Trading] Two Years of Trading and Nothing but Losses

John Forman shares an email from a reader and a response/discussion on the topic "Two Years of Trading and Nothing but Losses"

[Disciplined Investor] Podcast: Kevin DePew on Technical Indicators

This week's Podcast from Andrew Horowitz - the Disciplined Investor - interviewed Kevin DePew of Minyanville with a discussion focused on Technical Indicators

[Aleph Blog] 8 Notes on Actions of US Govt on Economy

The Aleph Blog takes a look at 8 points with many links on the Actions of the US Government on the US Economy.

[Darwin Finance] YTD Stock Market Returns by Country

Ever wanted to know what the major Country iShares returns are so far for 2009? Darwin's Finance shares the results (up to June 1st).

[Chris Perruna] Cumulative Advance Decline Line

Some helpful insights and great looking charts from Chris Perruna in "Cumulative Advance Decline Line"

[Market Speculator] The SPY Change in Character

From the Market Speculator, a post on "What You Need to Know about the SPY Change in Character" which deals with a bullish shift in the RSI Indicator.

[Zignals] The "Sucks" Indicator

An interesting use of Google Trends when looking at companies - the "Suck" Indicator.